Meeting at Dusk

Stora Dyrön, Sweden, May 2018.
For hours, we observed every crag of the rocky island to spot mouflon sheep. Then, nearly at the end of our hike, here they were! Three males stood on a ledge right ahead of us just across a small valley.

Looking Ahead

Stendörren Naturreservat, Sweden, May 2018.
The horizon is right here within reach. Nature beckons.

Down in the Sky, Up in the Sea

San Francisco, USA, June 2013.
What is that aeroplane doing in the sea? or is it a boat in the sky?

Golden Hair

Loch Achray, Scotland, May 2016.
Here it is in the sun: the Goldilocks of cows.

Hidden Dragon

Shanghai, China, September 2005.
So, we have found the hidden dragon! Now where is the crouching tiger?