Path of Flowers

Munich, Germany, May 2015.

A path not for walking, but to contemplate, smell and marvel.

The Moon on a Tree

Melbourne, Australia, January 2015.

It is always marvelling to find tiny things that look like large ones. This bark could be a lunar landscape with craters and peaks.


Salzburg, Austria, March 2016.

Is that a giant jellyfish or an alien device descending upon humanity?

Floating Palace

Dunvegan Castle, Scotland, May 2016.

In one of the castle's gardens, there is a floating palace. For many, it is too tiny, for some others, it is huge.

The Red Harvest

Switzerland, August 2015.

Nothing communist here, these are just ripe from the "garden".

Pointy Plant

Melbourne, Australia, January 2015.

Plants and their many shapes will never cease to amaze us and Australia had a good lot of new ones to offer.

Ascendant Green

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, July 2013.

Vegetation will have its revenge! First those tree-like artificial structures, then it will conquer the rest of the city.


Bex, Switzerland, September 2007.

Why fly straight when you can turn like crazy?


Brienzer Rothorn, Switzerland, August 2016.

With such a weather, there were more cows as tourists up there...

Go with the Flow

Cairngorms, Scotland, May 2016.

We could watch a torrent flowing all day, this is so soothing.