After a little more than five years of publishing a photo every week, we reached a point where we have exhausted our best shots of fifteen years of travel photography. We need a pause to recharge our collection so we won't be posting for a while, but we'll be back!


Path of Flowers

Munich, Germany, May 2015.
A path not for walking, but to contemplate, smell and marvel.

The Moon on a Tree

Melbourne, Australia, January 2015.
It is always marvelling to find tiny things that look like large ones. This bark could be a lunar landscape with craters and peaks.


Salzburg, Austria, March 2016.
Is that a giant jellyfish or an alien device descending upon humanity?

Floating Palace

Dunvegan Castle, Scotland, May 2016.
In one of the castle's gardens, there is a floating palace. For many, it is too tiny, for some others, it is huge.